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Brass licks for "Girls Like You"

We have asked Liam Kirkman, top London session player and educator, to create some horn lines for pBone and pTrumpet. These horn lines have been notated in our easy system for learning by ear: BrassTabs.


Have a good listen to the original track!

Your music!
Brass licks
pBone tabs GLU
Step 2

Watch the "All the licks" video through, listening to Liam's licks then reading the tabs as he plays.

Now watch through the "All the Licks" video. In this video you can hear and see Liam playing his licks and see the BrassTabs notation in the screen.

After you have listened a couple of times now watch through the tabs as Liam plays. See how the horizontal lines represent the harmonics or partials and the numbers the slide positions. You can't play the licks just by looking at the tabs but if you listen to the music the tabs will help guide your slide and lip/air combination to get the right note at the right time.

Step 3
We've separated the three licks out for you to practice and learn

Each of the licks is featured in a learning video below. We have made the first one the easiest (Pads) and then the next features some fast notes (Guitar Lick) and the last some high notes (yeah, yeah, yeah).

In case you aren't too sure about the slide positions we have also added a pBone that shows the slide positions just before you need them!

Once you have these three down try playing along with the band by using the original video youTube link.

BrassTabs are just a way of getting going with this song on brass, why not try expanding the lines or creating new ones using the same slide positions that Liam used?

Now the guitar lick: make sure your slide is moving quickly!

pTrumpet tabs GLU

Yeah yeah yeah, joins in with the lyrics and is great high note practice!

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